Rebecca Hardy professionally known as Reby Sky is an American model, radio and television personality, photographer, dancer and professional wrestler, who currently works for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling... Sky was born in Flushing, a neighborhood in the north central part of Queens, New York City. She is of Puerto Rican heritage. She has three older brothers and an older sister Suzanne Sky began her career in dance, performing nationally read more
Welcome to your best source on the net dedicated to the beautiful, Reby Hardy. We will be updating you with a bunch of pictures of Mrs Hardy, from TNA to Instagram, we will always be updating you with news about Reby. don't forget to check out our new updated gallery! Thanks for visiting & come back soon. - Alicia & Nadia.
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Digitals / Screen Captures

On Impact The Hardy Brand had made their way to the ring, as Drew came out and was trash talking Matt, before their match later that night. He then proceeded to tell Matt that he only used Maxel as a prop for on screen TV, which caused Reby to throw Maxel’s sock at Drew out of spite for what he had said.

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Digitals / Screen Captures

On this weeks Impact, Matt Hardy came out with his brand, Matt went on about he wants a rematch now, until Mike Bennett came out with Maria and told him he was old and should just give up, Reby then spoke up and told them to get out of the ring because this was her husbands moment, calling Maria a fire crotch and saying how her husband is the best wrestler in the wrestling business and wrestling world, Maria would later tell Reby that she’s the first Lady of wrestling, and if she knew what being a lady was like, Reby then got fired up and was ready to attack Maria. EC3 then came out and said he wanted a fight, Matt spoke up and said he would fight him, along with Rockstar Spud, Reby and Tyrus.

The match started and Reby stood on the ring watching at they threw punches, Matt held onto EC3 while Reby slapped him in the face over and over again.

Winner by DQ because of interference by Mike Bennett : EC3

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Screen Captures/Digitals

On this week of Impact Drew Galloway came out and talked about his chamiponship win last week on Impact, until he was interrupted by Matt Hardy, Reby, Rockstar Spud and Tyrus. Matt went on about how Drew stole his title from him, and that he should of called the cops. That was later ruined by Jeff Hardy coming out and telling Matt that he lost fair and square last week and that he should be having the shot at Drew’s title. Reby stood beside Matt laughing at what Jeff just said Drew accepted. He was later attacked by Rockstar Spud, Tyrus and Matt and Reby got out of the ring and stood ringside cheering him.

EC3 came out to help Jeff and Drew as told Drew that he wanted to face him for his title, and Drew accepted, and said he would face everyone that was out there. Which later caused Dixie to come out and make a Gauntlet match and whoever won would face Drew for the title.

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Screen Captures

On Impact this week Jeff Hardy had returned, Matt and Reby came out with Maxel to congratulate on his win in his match, Matt then tried to ask Jeff to drop out of the Main Event match with him, EC3 and Matt, Jeff said no deal.

Backstage Reby and Matt were talking to Dixie, telling her what he was going to do, just so he could win, as he told her that he was going to punch the Ref in the face, Reby then spoke up and told Dixie how lucky she was to have them, and that they are bigger then her company. Dixie then made the match a no DQ match, which left Matt and Reby both mad.

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Screen Captures / Digital

This week on Impact we saw Reby, Tyrus and Matt backstage congratulating Rockstar Spud on turning on EC3 on Lockdown and joining Matt’s team.

Reby, Tyrus and Matt were in the ring calling out Spud to explain himself and to let the world know that he was now apart of them, and that Matt was proud of him, Rockstar Spud later came out and told EC3 that he did what was best for them, which caused EC3 to come out as he attacked Matt and then Rockstar Spud came from behind hoping to attack him, but failed as he ran out of the ring and back up to the ramp to Matt, Tyrus and Reby, which EC3 made a match between him and Rockstar Spud.

Backstage Matt Hardy, Reby, Tyrus and Rockstar Spud are talking to Dixie Carter telling her to fire EC3, and that Impact was Matt’s company and not EC3, which caused Dixie to make Rockstar Spud’s match a everything goes match instead of firing her Nephew.

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Screen Captures / Digitals

On Locked Down Reby came out with Matt when he was telling off EC3, they later then walked back backstage, when Matt’s match came, Reby wasn’t with him until she showed up with her purse and a hammer, until Rockstar Spud came out and took the hammer out of Reby’s hands, he then acted like he was helping EC3 out, until he shut the cage door on his head, Matt then slowly climbed over EC3’s body and with the help of Rockstar Spud, won, and kept his title.

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After a few months of putting this site together, we are happy to announce that on February 26th 2016 we are OFFICIALLY open! The both of us have been fans of Reby for a few years now and we’re more than ecstatic to finally be able to do something for her. We’re going to stay as updated as possible on news, photos and other great things she will be doing. Thank you for checking out our website, please check back with us frequently.

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