Rebecca Hardy professionally known as Reby Sky is an American model, radio and television personality, photographer, dancer and professional wrestler, who currently works for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling... Sky was born in Flushing, a neighborhood in the north central part of Queens, New York City. She is of Puerto Rican heritage. She has three older brothers and an older sister Suzanne Sky began her career in dance, performing nationally read more
Welcome to your best source on the net dedicated to the beautiful, Reby Hardy. We will be updating you with a bunch of pictures of Mrs Hardy, from TNA to Instagram, we will always be updating you with news about Reby. don't forget to check out our new updated gallery! Thanks for visiting & come back soon. - Alicia & Nadia.
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Screen Captures

Queen Rebecca was seen playing the piano as Matt would introduce the WWE Universe to the Hardy compond. He would then turn his attention to Vanguard 1 telling him to go and search the grounds for Bray Wyatt.

Later on when it came to the match Vanguard 1 had met Bray Wyatt at the gate as Matt would pop up in a hologram telling him to follow the music. Bray would follow the music as it would show Queen Rebecca on the Piano at ringside playing one of her original pieces.

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Screen Captures

On this weeks RAW we got a small glimpse of what is to come when Bray Wyatt meets the Woken Matt Hardy in the middle of the woods at the Hardy Compound next week. Hardy says his Woken Family has been assembled. Naming off Queen Rebecca, King Maxel, Lord Wolfgang, Señor Benjamin and Vanguard 1.

Will Bray Wyatt suffer the ultimate deletion at the hands of House Hardy? Make sure to tune in next week to find out.

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Make sure you go and vote for who you want to see from House Hardy on WWE TV by going to WWE Poll and voting! We will leave the link to the poll HERE 

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  Capture Capture

If you think WWE Superstars are loud and colorful in the ring, wait until you see them all dressed up for Halloween!

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WWE Network

It was seen in the middle of the Hardy Interview on the WWE Network with Corey Graves, after the Hardy Boyz had won the Tag Titles Reby and Beth and Reby’s Father as some of you may know as Señor Benjamin, backstage celebrating there win, after Corey started to talk about there families it would show photos of Reby, Wolfgang and Matt, and then showing Reby and Maxel in the crowed cheering on Matt.

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